Airport Arrivals Hall
An interactive light sculpture designed for the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Internation airport arrivals hall.

The sculpture, designed for the Arrivals Hall in the International Terminal of Hartsfield Jackson International airport in Atlanta, GA, USA consists of two suspended, opposing arrays of lightweight, organic shell/wing forms which change iteratively to create a fluid vertebrae pair originating at a central point above the Customs exit doorway.. The shell/wing forms are constructed like the Wright Brother’s first airplane prototypes but from aluminum and a diaphanous, white nylon mesh instead of spruce and canvas. The forms are lit internally along the two leading edges by RGB LED light sources which are scripted and controlled by environmental sensors relevant to travelers who have just deboarded an aircraft, wind gusts, temperature, ambient humidity and local lightning strikes. These environmental inputs affect the script and movement of light throughout the individual forms as well as the array in its entirety, creating gentle waves, staccato strobe pulses and other movement of color.


Travelers emerge from the customs doorway into the Arrivals Hall where family and friends wait to greet them, underneath the center of the two arrays.  A directional microphone picks up sounds made by the travellers and their families, the celebration at reuniting and the sounds are converted into light events, textures which ripple through the arrays in both directions. These exchanges are reflected in the sculpture as a texture translated as color and light that pulses and ripples through the shapes.