Previous Research

Lyrebird Vernacular Enhancer

The male Lyerbird is the DJ of the forest.  He samples and mimics sounds that exist in his environment.  Once learned, he remixes these sounds to create his own unique song, a song he can use to attract a mate close enough to show the glory of his fully-fanned tail feathers.

A pulley and counterweight assembly uses wind and human power to move parts of the sculpture.  This movement then transforms the sculpture into a musical instrument.

Held in a stainless steel woven cage, a collection of handblown quartz bowls become the voice of the sculpture.  The said movement causes the bowls to create vibrations in a range of frequencies - sounds that seem to come from everywhere and nowhere, at once.  The volume, duration, and rhythm of the sculpture's song is determined by the interaction of the mechanism with its direct environment.

This kinetic sculpture is raised high into the tree canopy, in a rainforest where Lyerbird live.  When the sculpture sings and the Lyerbird listens, a new language is created for his future.