The Francis

A lighting sculpture designed and handcrafted by Christopher Moulder, commissioned by Lott Properties for the new Chamber of Commerce in Douglas, Georgia, USA. 

The Francis is a three dimensional fiberglass web consisting of over 10,000 knots hand ‘woven’ by Moulder.  "I wanted a medium that would allow me to sculpt a 3D, self-supporting composite matrix (or web), so I began exploring fiberglass as an option,” says Moulder.

The fiberglass threads were supplied by AGY, a fiberglass manufacturing company in Aiken, South Carolina.  Moulder made a point of going to the factory in person.  He wanted to see the material in production and talk to the engineers in an effort to better understand his newly chosen medium.  

Armed with research and inspiration Moulder began experimenting with spools of fiberglass thread. “Initially I called the technique weaving, but after building two large shapes I’d say it’s more like three-dimensional macramé," Moulder says.  

He explains this technique requires a faith in the process because it takes so long to manifest as a form. "When I first started stretching and tying the thread I immediately wanted to give it up. It seemed like I was getting nowhere...  Mary turned me around, though:  "Be Japanese," she said. "She was right. It’s a practice that requires me to be patient, meditative, and ease up on controlling the outcome so exactly.  It’s a new way of working for me.”