In Process: the Palo Alto Children's Theatre Lighting Sculpture

Less lofty than the last sculpture in Moulder's fiberglass series his latest work is more exclamatory, reminiscent of Batman’s ‘Kapow!’  Commissioned by the Palo Alto Children’s Theater and sponsored by the Wave2Wave Foundation this sculpture will hang at 12’L x 6’H x 5.5’W on the theater’s Castle Stage.

Moulder spent seven weeks in his cage 'weaving' this piece by hand.  Below, he shares some thoughts on his process:

"Each ball of thread I weave seems to get slower and slower as the rules get more and more refined.  I can't just go anywhere with the thread like I did in Fractal Mist #1 and #2.  And, even though there may be 10,000 knots ahead of me, I have to tie each knot as though it's the only one.  Instead of just wrapping one thread around another, I have to make different knots, depending upon whether it's an intersection of threads or a single.  And the direction of the knot is determined by where the thread is coming from AND where it is going, and where it is going after that...

Palo Alto Children's Theatre sculpture by Christopher Moulder - on it's way to completion...

It's like I have discovered some kind of hidden game or craft. I have many names for the types of looks and corresponding rules of this weaving:

1. Ghosts are the shapes that are woven to the edge of structurally supporting themselves, with the finest thread and the least amount possible.

2. Mad Cow involves pulling the threads tight into shifting membranes with holes in them.

3. Membranes have minimal internal structure but a smoother, more well defined surface."

Later this week the finished sculpture will travel across country to California to find its home in the Palo Alto Children's Theatre.  As part of the installation process Moulder will conduct a two-day lighting workshop with the theater's youth (aged 9-15 years-old).  The work done with the children during this time will create the sculpture's programmed lighting effects.