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“Bert” is a robotic chandelier which gives its owner control over position, articulation and aesthetic personality through three axes of movement and five light sources via touch screen and a sound to light conversion, typically called a “light organ.” A looping device records and then plays back audio in short (2-10 sec) clips of sound. As the loop repeats, additional sounds may be layered to the previous loop, and so on.  The sound is converted to light inside the front tulip part of the chandelier.

Dimensions: 102"H x 70"W x 54"D.  

Materials: aluminum, steel, hand blown glass, borosilicate glass, phosphor bronze mesh, black cock feathers, textiles, carbon fiber, fiberglass, PLC, touch screen, actuators, audio systems, fiber optics, RGB LEDs, Xenon low voltage light bulbs, climate controlled computer hardware enclosure.


Bert Process photos